***If you have a strong background in geophysics, physics, math or computational sciences, and are interested in numerical methods, data science and imaging & interpreting Earth’s interior & dynamics do not hesitate to contact me.***


I am Ebru Bozdag, Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics with a joint appointment with the Department of Geophysics. I am also Affiliated Faculty to the Space Resources Program & Researcher in the Center for Space Resources, and Faculty Fellow of the Payne Institute at Colorado School of Mines.

I moved to Colorado from Nice where I was an Assistant Professor and held a Chaire d’Excellence position at Université Côte d’Azur CNRS-Géoazur. I obtained my PhD in Seismology from Utrecht University and prior to going to Nice, I was an Associate Research Scholar at  Princeton University where I also did my postdoctoral studies.

My research interests lie in computational seismology. Specifically, I use 3D numerical seismic wave simulations to improve our understanding of Earth’s interior by linking observed data to advances in theory and numerical methods in wave propagation and optimization techniques. My primary focus is on full-waveform inversion with a special emphasis on global seismic tomography based on 3D seismic wave simulations and adjoint techniques. Recently, I have also started gaining interest in exploration-scale problems and planetary seismology as part of the Mars InSight mission.

Insight launched on May 5, 2018

Here is a shakemovie of a marsquake (2011 Virginia Earthquake) initiated at the location of the InSight lander. The movie credit goes to Daniel Peter from KAUST.  For more information about InSight and the launch see the websites of NASA and the InSight Seis team.


First-generation Global Adjoint Model – GLAD-M15 (Bozdag et al. 2016)

Here is a nice movie of negative perturbations of vertically-polarized shear wavespeeds of GLAD-M15 with respect to its own mean showing the plume and hotspot regions in the mantle. Movie credit goes to David Pugmire from ORNL.