Post-doctoral Researchers:

ANDREA CAMILA RIÃNO ESCANDÓN (Postdoctoral Researcher expected to start in March 2022)

BSc/MSc in Civil Engineering, Universidad de Los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia)

PhD in Civil Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University (USA) & Universidad de Los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia)


RIDVAN ÖRSVURAN (Postdoctoral researcher since July 2021)

PhD in Geophysics, 2021, Université Côte d’Azur

BSc/MSc in Geophysics: Istanbul University/Bogazici University Kandilli Observatory


Global full-waveform inversions, anelasticity of the upper mantle.

ÇAGDAS DOGA DEMIRKAN (Postdoctoral researcher, since January 2023)

PhD in Mining Engineering: Colorado School of Mines

BSc in Mining Engineering: Middle East Technical University

Visualization of 3D seismic global models in VR systems and planetariums.

Graduate Students:

RACHEL WILLIS (PhD student since fall 2020)

Exploring MERMAIDs’ waveforms with numerical simulations

REYNALDO VITE SANCHEZ (PhD student since fall 2021)

Investigation of the Earth’s outer core with 3D seismic wave simulations

AYON GHOSH (PhD student since fall 2022)

Anelastic FWI of the mantle.

CLAIRE RICHARDSON (NSF GRFP at Arizona State University, since May 2021)

Sharpening the focus in seismic imaging of Earth’s deep mantle

Primary supervisor: Ed Garnero

ALI SHAIKHSULAIMAN (MSc student at ETH Zurich since October 2022)

Full-Waveform Ambient Noise Inversion in Istanbul using DAS Data: A Proof of Concept

Co-advised with Andreas Fichtner and Daniel Bowden

Undergraduate Students:

AARON JIMENEZ (Mines sophomore, since spring 2023)

Exploring the upper mantle with S/SS/SSS amplitude anomalies based on 3D wave simulations

MOHAMMED ALNABBAT (Mines junior, since spring 2023)

Visualization of 3D global seismic Earth models in Virtual Reality (VR) environments


KYREN BOGOLUB (Seismologist at the Colorado Geological Survey)

PhD in Geophysics, University of Colorado, 2021

BA in Physics, University of Montana, 2015

Research: Investigating Colorado seismicity and hazards


QUANCHENG HUANG (Geophysicist at Zhidi Sensing at Hefei, China, former postdoctoral researcher in our group)

PhD in Geophysics: University of Maryland

Seismic exploration of Mars interior with InSight

Past members

Post-doctoral researchers:

Neala Creasy (January 2020-January 2022): Now postdoctoral researcher at Los Alamos National Lab

Caio Ciardelli (July 2021 – October 2021):

Susini Desilva (October 2019 – June 2021): Now instructor at Columbus State Community College.

François Lavoué (spring 2019): Now postdoctoral researcher at University of Grenoble.

Sam Haugland (June 2019 – January 2020):

Master/PhD Students:

Caio Ciardelli (PhD: July 2021, Sao Paolo, co-supervised with Marcelo Assumpçao, Suzan van der Lee). Adjoint tomography of South America based on 3D Spectral-Element Seismic Wave Simulations, now postdoctoral researcher at Mines.

Ridvan Örsvuran (PhD: March 2021, Université Côte d’Azur): Towards anisotropic and anelastic global adjoint models: Improving measurements and parametrization for global full-waveform inversion, now postdoctoral researcher at Mines.

Gaspard Minster (Spring 2015, master student -M2- at Nice): Seismic simulations of Mars, now PhD student at Brest.

Arnaud Pladys & Julien Thurin (Spring 2015, master students -M1- at Nice, supervised with Suzan van der Lee from Northwestern): Robust seismic structures in the Mediterranean upper mantle, Julien is a postdoc at Alaska Fairbanks.

Glendon Rewerts (January 2020 – May 2021) thesis master student at Mines until December 2021, graduated from the non-thesis program in May 2021.

Meng Jia (August 2018-June 2019) PhD student at Mines, now PhD student at the Applied Math department

Undergrad Students:

Devrim Gunal (spring 2022, visiting student from University of Waterloo, co-advised with Sebnem Duzgun): Visualization of multi-scale Earth models in Virtual Reality (VR) systems, game design.

Kieran Comou (fall 2021 – spring 2022): Visualization of 3D global seismic models.

Kacey Wade (summer 2021, Mines senior): 3D visualization of global models.

Elizabeth Bruce (spring 2021, Mines junior): Slab signature on seismic waveforms.

John Rekoske (fall 2019 – spring 2020, Mines senior, MURF student researcher): Exploring Earth’s Mantle and Outer Core with 3D Numerical Wave Simulations; Moment source inversions with 3D Green’s functions, now a graduate student at UC San Diego.

Dylan Mayes, Anacleto Mandela Vunge, Elizabeth Bruce (fall 2019 – spring 2020, Mines seniors & sophomore)

Daniel Choi (fall 2018-spring 2019, Mines senior): How well do global seismic models explain Earth’s mantle?

Nick Wagner (fall 2018-spring 2019,  Mines senior, co-supervised with Jeff Shragge): Full-waveform imaging with different data types: Comparing strain vs. displacement, now a PhD student at Baylor University.

Kenneth Li (fall 2017-spring 2018, Mines senior): Senior design project on Mars seismology.

Graduate-Student Collaborators:

Co-supervising Maria Koroni (graduate student at Utrecht): Imaging upper mantle discontinuities with adjoint tomography.

Co-supervising Wenjie Lei, James Smith, Yanhua Yuan (graduate students at Princeton): Global to exploration scale full waveform inversions.

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